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Account Agreement

In order to know our valued customers well and to serve them better Jan's trading provide the facility of registration. Jan's trading only conduct business with the registered customers.


It is very simple to become a Jan's trading registered customer. The only requirement is that you have READ, UNDERSTOOD, and ACCEPTED Jan's trading Customer Agreement outlined in following paragraphs. Simply complete the Customer Application which can be found on the top page of Jan's trading website. Incomplete applications will be deleted, so please completely fill out all the information requested. It is important that you be as specific as possible (addresses, phone numbers) Applications are screened by our webmaster; approved customers will be sent a welcoming email containing their ID & Password for Jan's trading online services.


Jan's trading registered customers have a contractual duty and responsibility to maintain their account with Jan's trading co.,ltd. The customer is expected to make all payments/communication needed to keep there account with Jan's trading Co., Ltd. current. A customer's failure to manage there account will result in account cancellation and possible further actions up to the fullest extent of international trade laws. The customer must not share his account information (ID/PASSWORD) with any other person. Sharing account information with any other person besides the account holder will be in violation of Jan's trading agreement. Jan's trading can in no way be held responsible for the abuse or misuse of a customer's account due to negligence by the customer regarding account information.


As a Jan's trading registered customer, you can have only 1 account. The only exception is if you have more than one destination port which you ship to. For example, if you are based in Dominica and also ship to Mombasa, Kenya, then it is possible for you to have two separate sets of access IDs with Jan's trading


An account becomes inactive when the customer has not accessed his account on Jan's trading website for several months. In order to keep Jan's trading customer database manageable and to protect our existing customers, inactive accounts will be deleted periodically by the system.


Jan's trading reserves the right to cancel your account for any reason.


Jan's trading primarily conducts its export business through two types of Deal Terms. Deal Term is selected by the customer during the time of purchase. Jan's Trading welcomes customer's inquiries & negotiations for other deal terms.

C&F (Cost/Freight)
This deal includes:
    A.  Price of the vehicles.
    B.  Ocean freight (this cost is the same cost shipping companies quote Jan's Trading to ship the vehicle)

FOB (Free On Board)
In this deal term, the customer pays the ocean freight to the destination port. This largely depends on the shipping agent & destination ports and may not be acceptable. This deal term only includes the following:
    Price of the vehicle.


Jan's trading Co., Ltd sells vehicles in 'as is' condition. 'As is' condition means that vehicles are sold in the exact state which they are in. It is difficult (almost impossible) to be aware of everything right and wrong with the car. Although Jan's trading does its best in selecting quality cars and making necessary inspections, customers must always understand that there is risk associated with purchasing a used vehicle. Jan's trading tries hard to reduce risks by providing maximum pictures & details of the car.


I.Since the establishment of Jan's Trading Co., Ltd. our number one priority is to provide the highest quality vehicles with the highest quality service possible. With this in hand, Jan's Trading has grown to be one of the largest automobile exporters from Japan. Jan's Trading uses very careful quality control measures to select its stock and publish its details to our customers.

II. After the cars are acquired and transported to Jan's trading motor yard, they undergo a basic examination. Each vehicle is graded on two scales, INTERIOR CONDITION and EXTERIOR CONDITION. If the condition is unsatisfactory by Jan's Trading standards, Jan's Trading professional technicians will move the vehicle into workshop for repairing.

III.        All Jan's Trading cars undergo a mechanical inspection. Cars are checked for basic road function and road safety. Engine noise, AC, electrical function, lamps, brakes, clutch, steering etc. are all examined for basic functionality. This is only a simple mechanical inspection (is not an inspection done with dismantling). Jan's Trading recommends that customers always perform a full inspection after a Jan's Trading car is received to ensure comfortable and safe driving.

V.        After the two inspections, final INTERIOR CONDITION and EXTERIOR CONDITION grade points are issued and all recorded information is published to our website. 8 or more photos are taken of the vehicle  and published to our website.


Jan's Trading uses the following grade system for customers to better understand the condition of our vehicles. Two grade points are given to each car listed in Jan's Trading website. One grade point refers to the vehicles exterior and interior condition. Customers must understand these grade points are only estimations by professional technicians and do not necessarily reflect the exact condition of the vehicle.



Jan's Trading Co., Ltd customers understand that vehicles are purchased from us are in 'as is' condition. Jan's Trading is responsible for the vehicle only up until the vehicle is released to the shipping company in Japan. Jan's Trading guarantees that the vehicle is released to shipping authorities in Japan in the same condition it appears on our website. Jan's Trading vehicles are always inspected twice, once after they have been acquired, and once again before they are sent to the shipping authorities for export.

Jan's Trading Co., Ltd. is not liable for possible occurrences and/or deterioration after the vehicle has been received by the shipping authorities in Japan. Although very rare, Jan's Trading customers must always understand that there is a certain amount of risk associated with transporting vehicles overseas. Because overseas shipments may take longer than 1 month, additional wear may occur on the vehicle. Additionally, there have been some reports of theft and mishandling by shipping authorities and customs agents. Customers must understand that although 99.9 percent of Jan's Trading sales proceed smoothly and problem free, risk is present in this type of business (not just limited to Jan's Trading Co., Ltd.). The customer assumes this risk.

Jan's Trading registered customer has the responsibility to understand the necessary procedures & restrictions required to import a vehicle into the destination country. Many countries have various procedures & restrictions on vehicles (for example, import duty, year restrictions, cc restrictions etc.). The customer is assumed to realize these procedures & restrictions when conducting business with Jan's Trading. Jan's Trading cannot be liable for transactions stopped short due to the customer's misunderstanding of procedures & restrictions. In this event (depending on the progress of the transaction), cancellation charges may apply and/or no partial refunds may be given.

All other liability limitations written in this customer agreement apply.

Jan's Trading Co., Ltd. will do everything possible to reduce the risk assumed by our customers. Jan's trading quality control measures; careful planning and careful execution are all results of several years of experience in the export business. Customers concerned about any aspect of our services are welcomed to contact Jan's trading anytime.


Jan's Trading Co., Ltd. will only accept reasonable claims against its vehicles within 1 week after the arrival date of the vehicle at the customer’s port. Customers must understand that the 1 week period for claims begins as soon as the vehicle has arrived at the customers destination port. Jan's Trading customers are highly encouraged to make all necessary payments at the earliest possible time to avoid delay acquiring their vehicles. This strict policy is necessary because customers who delay their payments subject the vehicle to additional waiting (additional risk to the vehicle) inside the in-bond storage facilities within the port.

Reasonable claims made within 1 week after the arrival date will be honored by negotiation. Customers must supply proof (depending on the seriousness of the claim; for example pictures, inspection reports etc.) to Jan's Trading. Claims must meet two conditions. First, the proof must clearly show that the received condition is different from the condition detailed on Jan's Trading website. Jan's Trading maintains detailed records of each vehicle it handles; these records will be compared with the claims. Second, the damages must not have obviously occurred in transit overseas or within customs/port storage facilities.

    Vehicle parts subjected to wear from day-to-day normal driving (such as brake pads, batteries, tires, oil quality, shocks, odometer etc.) are excluded from Jan's Trading Co., Ltd.'s basic warranty. Theft of parts which obviously occurred in transit overseas or within customs/port storage facilities is also excluded.

Reasonable claims can be settled by Jan's Trading Co., Ltd. in several ways--as agreed upon by Jan's Trading and the disputing party. Settlements typically involve, free parts replacement, partial refunds and credit issuance.