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Purchase & Payment


Jan's Trading has made it very easy for customers to purchase through our new & dynamic website please read the following instructions carefully. Each Jan's Trading customer must understand and follow these instructions when purchasing. Customers who comply with these rules & steps will find Jan's Trading service to be very quick and problem free.


After a customer has successfully submitted an online order, they will receive a Proforma Invoice from Jan's Trading by email or fax. The customer must notify us if they do not receive the Proforma Invoice within 2 working days after submitting the online order.


Once the customer has received the Proforma Invoice they must pay at least 50% of the total confirmed price (if the total confirmed price of the car is under or equal to USD$4000.00 100% payment should be done on confirmation) this 'first' payment is due within 3 days after receiving the Proforma Invoice. Please remember, the faster a customer sends the payment, the earlier we can arrange for the vehicle's shipment. Shipping schedules are published on Jan's Trading website. We cannot be held liable for missing a shipping deadline if a customer makes a late payment. If the payment is not received within 3 days time, Jan's Trading reserves the right to cancel your order and re-publish the vehicle to the stock lists for other customers. In addition your account will be subject to cancellation penalty.


After Jan's Trading has received the 'first' payment, we will begin shipping arrangements. The customer must also consider any options (such as service packages/spoilers) as they may require additional time to install. The shipment might delay as the vehicle must be prepped (inspected, cleaned), moved to the port, and processed for custom.

Jan's Trading cannot be held liable if a shipment is missed for (late payments, bank delays and shipping schedule changes). After a vehicle is shipped, the shipping information (ETD/*ETA dates) will be available in the customer's account reports.


Around 7 working days after the ETD date, Jan's Trading will make available the vehicle's Bill of Lading online. This can be found by clicking on the ship name in a customer's account reports. The customer must view and confirm that the Bill of Lading is correct. In case, the customer may request changes to the Bill of Lading each change made (per bill) will be subject to a charge of US$D100.00. Jan's Trading cannot be held liable for any errors in the Bill of Lading which may result in a delay to release the vehicle.


Once the Bill of Lading has been checked by customer, they must submit the 'final' payment, which is the remaining amount of the total value of the vehicle. Jan's Trading recommends that this payment be made at least 1 week before the vehicle's ETA to avoid delays & additional port charges. If the payment is not received in time, the customer must be aware of the destination port's storage policies. Customers are responsible for any storage (and any other) charges by the destination port that may occur if a vehicle is held. If the 'final' payment is not received within 1 month after the departure of vehicle from Japan Jan’s trading reserves the right to auction that vehicle to any other customer. Additionally Jan's Trading will confiscate the initial 'first' payment amount and apply cancellation fees.


After Jan's Trading has received the 'final' payment, we will send all necessary documents to release the vehicle. All documents will be sent by UPS. Depending on the customer's location, the delivery can take between 3 and 5 working days. For our customer's convenience, the Ups tracking number will be published in the customer's account reports as soon as the documents are sent. Customers may go to UPS website to view the status of their delivery. Jan's Trading cannot be held liable for any delays associated to wrong addresses or UPS related problems.

* ETD = estimated time of departure, ETA = estimated time of arrival

Jan's Trading will not accept order cancellations for any reason.
The following penalties will be applied for cancellations that are absolutely necessary.

* Orders cancellations from Jan's Trading Stock List (before car is shipped)
An absolutely necessary cancellation will be subjected to a penalty of USD$500.00 per unit.
In addition Jan's trading may in some cases suspend the customer's account and stop all dealings.

* Orders cancellations from Jan's Trading Auction (before car is shipped)
An absolutely necessary cancellation will be subjected to a penalty of 100,000 YEN per unit, if the
car price is below 1,500,000 YEN. If the car price is equal to or higher than 1,500,000 YEN a penalty of 10% of the cars
value plus 100,000 YEN will be enforced. In addition Jan's Trading may in some cases suspend the customer's account and stop all dealings.

In all cases, if an order is cancelled after the car has already been shipped, the partial payment (down payment)
will be CONFISCATED by Jan's Trading to compensate for losses suffered.

Jan's Trading accepts payments in the following forms.

  1. Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)
  2. Online Payment by Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
    Credit cards are only accepted from eligible countries. Minimum payment is  USD$1000.00.


For T.T. Jan's Trading accepts U.S. Dollar and Japanese Yen. Currencies transferred other than the Japanese Yen will be converted to Japanese Yen or USD$ by bank against the current exchange rate on the day the money is received. Jan's Trading cannot be responsible for monies lost through exchanging currencies. The customer is obligated to pay his balance in full.

For Credit Card payments, the customer will indicate a YEN amount to pay Jan's Trading. However the credit card will be charged in US Dollars (after a 3% processing fee and conversion using the current YEN/DOLLAR exchange rate).


Jan's Trading customers are encouraged to complete a Payment Notification form after submitting a TT payment. This notification form can be found inside the customer's account reports. This will greatly speed up the order/shipping process. Customers should only complete this form after the TT payment has been made.